The Forest Through the Trees

Please join me Saturday April 22, 2017, at 6 Bridges Gallery in Maynard, MA, for the opening of The Forest Through the Trees. In addition to portraits of trees, the exhibition will feature sculptures by Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein.

Untitled photo


Both sacred and practical, humans have always had a special relationship with trees. They have been symbols of the divine across many cultures, from the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha gained enlightenment, to the Tree of Peace symbolizing the peace and friendship of the Iroquois Confederacy, to the Tree of Life representing eternal life in Christianity. Trees stand as silent witnesses to our ever-changing world. When a tree is taken down, its rings give us insight into events and conditions during times that long preceded us. They provide us with food, shelter, shade, clean air, and materials for many of the things we consume as part of our daily lives.


The photographs in this series depict trees, mostly individuals, in a variety of ecosystems throughout the United States. They have been printed large and hang unframed, in an attempt to demonstrate their scale, and are in black and white in order to remove any distractions and to draw attention to the textures and connections within the frame. Supplementing the portraits are several smaller images, mostly focusing on a specific aspect of trees, such as the texture of bark, the intricacies of a root, or the rings exposed from the removal of a branch.


The accompanying sculptures were selected specifically based on their materials and themes. All are crafted from wood, and all show the character of the trees from which they were made. Donna's sculptures are female in form and celebrate the mystical relationship between humans and the natural world. And Andy's sculptures are representative of the landscapes of which these trees inhabit.

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